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The Dengler Domain: Music Battle Royale #12

July 21, 2017
Sean Dengler - Columnist , Dysart Reporter

Keeping with the theme of recent articles, the dog days of summer is upon us. The sun beams down as the days roll on. I hear a sound of fun approaching from the distance. It sounds smooth, delightful, and enjoyable. It is time for another edition of the Music Battle Royale: Songs of the Summer! Crack open a beer, lean back, and enjoy this head to head matchup between The Marshall Tucker Band's "Can't You See" and David Lee Murphy's "Dust on the Bottle."

"Can't You See" is an old song which starts with an amazing guitar riff. A flute then pipes in, and the song feels right. Chilling outside to this song in the summer would be pleasurable. The lead singer, Doug Gray's, voice rips through the instruments providing a distinct sound. This makes me fall in love with the song. "Can't You See" has a strong rhythm making the toes tap with ease.

The sounds of the song are easy on the ears, and I want to groove to it. Each instrument perfectly complements the other instruments forming a powerful composition causing the song to flow like none other. "Can't You See" should be enjoyed throughout all of summer. The guitar makes a return solo appearance near the end of the song for a wonderful addition. This 1970s song has the attitude, the vibe, and the smoothness of great songs.

"Dust on the Bottle" is an old but good song. The guitar rhythm at the beginning of the song provides the vibe everybody will like. Anyone having a good summer knows this 1990s song. The simple chorus makes everyone produce a smile. While the chorus is loud, the music backs off at the arrival of the next verse. The song's beat provides a good time, and it builds up to the great climax of the chorus. The guitar's distinct sound carries the song. David Lee Murphy's voice overtakes the song more than Doug Gray's in "Can't You See," and his voice is not nearly as smooth. "Dust on the Bottle" has the simple beat, simple lyrics to provide an easy listen for all who want to sit back and listen to this song. The final guitar solo drives the song home to the finish line.

This contest is like a fine wine. The best wine is the oldest wine, and "Can't You See" wins this edition's Music Battle Royale belt. The song's distinct sound and vibe is something "Dust on the Bottle" could not replicate. It was an enjoyable competition, but today, "Can't You See" rides off into the sunset on a warm, humid summer night.

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