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The Dengler Domain: Ice Cream

July 22, 2016
Sean Dengler - Columnist , Dysart Reporter

With these long and hot summer days, air conditioning only solves a portion of the problem, but ice cream cures all problems. This wonderful sugary treat brightens my attitude even on the hottest of days. Whether it is rocky road, cookie dough, or sherbet, all ice cream tastes delicious. While not the healthiest delight, ice cream fills my satisfaction level like no other. I love ice cream with my whole heart and belly, and I ranked my favorite places to eat this delicious yummy dessert. The list descends from least favorite to favorite.

While frozen yogurt, froyo, is technically not ice cream, it lands in the same category. This delicious, healthier version of ice cream fills any ice cream appetite. The problem with froyo is it obliterates my wallet. Froyo places like Orange Leaf and Menchies charge by the weight of this cold, frozen substance, toppings included. I always spend more than I tell myself walking into a froyo establishment. After burning throughout my wallet, my morale is low leaving a froyo place. Adding insult to injury, I love to get a concoction of different flavors and toppings. Unfortunately, this melting goo of sugar causes my stomach to feel like death.

If one were to ask twelve-year-old Sean about his favorite ice cream place, he would rank Cold Stone Creamery above all, hands down. He was a big fan of this place, but twenty-four-year-old Sean has different thoughts. Honestly, his stomach has different thoughts. Cold Stone's ice cream is very creamy but full of sugar. I taste way more sugar in Cold Stone ice cream than other ice creams. Unfortunately for Cold Stone, this places them low on the list. Plus, Cold Stone is not cheap. One year out of college Sean is not about the high priced ice cream life.

While I am not a huge fan of vanilla's plainness, McDonald's performs wonders with their vanilla ice cream. I do not know what is in their perfect recipe, but they are geniuses. It is not surprising that a dominant fast food franchise knocks the boring vanilla cone flavor out of the park. Do this as an exercise, get a vanilla ice cream cone from McDonald's and try to think of a place with better vanilla ice cream. A place like this does not exist.

Four Queens in Cedar Falls is another wonderful ice cream connoisseur. Their method of making ice cream is wonderful. I have never wandered into Four Queens and left disappointed. The chocolate cookie dough snowstorm is their greatest form of ice cream. During my time at UNI, I went to Four Queens at least five times a year. With reasonable prices, it is also a great place to take a date.

After writing the first draft of the article, I forgot one of my all-time favorite ice cream locations, Culver's. How could I forget? I felt terrible because Culver's is amazing. Their custardy ice cream is different than other ice cream places. I drool from thinking about their thick, custard delight. The banana splits from Culver's are the best in the land. The only negative attribute about Culver's is their restaurant's temperatures is set at negative 5,000 degrees. I shiver every time eating ice cream at a Culver's.. That's the sole reason they are separated from the next ice cream location.

Dairy Queen is my favorite franchise ice cream business on the planet. All of their different kinds of blizzards are delicious. I grew up with Dairy Queen flowing through my veins from the now defunct Toledo Dairy Queen. While the chocolate cookie dough snowstorm from Four Queens is the greatest, the chocolate cookie dough blizzard from Dairy Queen is the nectar of the gods. This wonderful treat fills my stomach up. I could eat Dairy Queen ice cream all day, and I would never die. Dairy Queen's ice cream is my everything.

Finally, the greatest ice cream location are all locally owned ice cream shops. No locally owned ice cream shop has disappointed my affinity for ice cream. I think it is the happiness of being locally owned that makes their ice cream the best. Whether it is from the Dysart Drive-In, The Viking in Ventura, Iowa, or an ice cream shop in Maplewood, New Jersey, these small town ice cream shops provide high satisfaction. Now I better see you outside the local ice cream shop with a cone in your hand because I will be on my third one.

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