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The Dengler Domain: Duos

July 1, 2016
Sean Dengler - Columnist , Dysart Reporter

Nothing better than a number one having a number two. Duos from all walks of life have progressed American culture. There is a reason why so many buddy cop films have been made. The Rush Hour franchise would be no fun with only Jackie Chan running around. Other media entities have their duos. Batman needs Robin. The caped crusader cannot fight Mr. Freeze and the Joker by himself nor can Captain Kirk defeat the Romulans without his logical pal, Spock. No way Shaggy survives on his own without the lovable antics of Scooby Doo. While these are media created duos, I am on the search for the best historical duo.

The first duo is Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. Martin's crooning ways coupled with Jerry's crazy antics would prove to be a match made in heaven. No comedy duo exists in the same caliber as them in today's world. The nightclub feel to their acts would be unique in today's society. This duo had the tenacity to appear in seventeen films in eight years which is impressive for any working actor. With being one of the most successful comedic acts in the mid twentieth century, they were truly comedic geniuses.

The next duo is Conway Twitty and Loretta Lynn. Without listening to their music, they are a great duo. Conway Twitty is the best name for a country singer, and Loretta Lynn is the second best name for a country singer. During the 1970s this great duo was very successful. They won the Top Vocal Duo Award four times from the Academy of Country Music. After listening to, "After The Fire Is Gone," I was impressed with their vocal talents. This song's slow and repetitive beat mixed with Loretta's commanding vocal range and Conway's distinct low voice shows how these two operate better together than alone.

The last duo is Lewis and Clark. Yes, that Lewis and Clark. Those two silly men who traversed the West. They have things going for them. They loved nature, and the president, Thomas Jefferson, loved them. They also have things goings against them. They did not tell jokes or sing. In the grand scheme of the United States history, I will give them a pass. These intrepid explorers helped build the USA's rise by their exploration of the West. That is important.

One of these duos is the best, and it is not Conway Twitty and Loretta Lynn. It is two guys who became a highly successful and memorable act. Are children in the United States taught about Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis? No, but we love to talk about Lewis and Clark. By golly, Lewis and Clark are still talked about while being dead for over one hundred years. This duo went through it all together while working for the greater good of society. That is the American spirit.

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