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Yard of the Month goes to the Karrs

August 8, 2014
Kelli Kleppe - Reporter , Dysart Reporter

Scott and Dawn Karr have been awarded Yard of the Month by the Dysart Development Corporation for the month of July. Scott and Dawn have lived in Dysart for over 20 years, and before that they were from the Clutier area. They raised their 3 daughters here in Dysart, and stated they absolutely love living in Dysart and are glad they moved up from Clutier. They both stated that it is wonderful how well kept up Dysart is, from the downtown to the park, to people's homes and lawns, it's just a beautiful small town, and people take care of what's theirs around here.

Dawn first began her love of flowers and gardening from her mother and grandmother. She remembers them always planting flowers and having beautiful yards as she was growing up. Scott enjoys helping out in the yard as well. He stated that as long as he has the time he absolutely loves to mow and finds it very relaxing.

Beautiful flower beds can be seen all around the Karr's residence, but you won't ever get bored looking at them because Dawn loves to change up what type of flowers she plants. Each year she sets out on a mission to find new flowers that she's never planted before. She loves to try new things in her garden and appreciates the wide variety of plants and flowers that she finds around here. Scott said he also enjoys going out in the spring and hunting down new and exciting plants for their garden.

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Several young trees can also be found in the Karr's yard. Unfortunately in the last few years, with the bad weather they have lost quite a few of their very large shade trees. Even though they are aware that they will never be able to see the tree's they've planted live to be 100 years old, they know the future residents of Dysart will be able to enjoy them for many years to come.

The Karr's also have an interesting way of heating their home. As we were touring their yard I noticed what look like a large wood burner or smoker next to their garage. Out of curiosity I had to ask what they use it for. Scott explained that it is a wood burner, and they are able to heat their garage and house with this in the winter month. There are pipes running to the house and garage filled with warm water heated by the wood burner. They are able to cut down the wood from their farm which they still own down by Clutier. During those really long cold months, if the wood begins to run short, there is no fear they are able to switch to gas heat and warm their home that way.

Scott and Dawn would both like to thank the Dysart Development Corporation for choosing their yard as yard of the month, They feel very honored to be awarded this!



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