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5th Annual UMS Lip-Off for Cancer

June 27, 2014
Laurie Driscol , Dysart Reporter

Our 5th Annual Union Middle School "Lip-Off for Cancer" lip sync contest was a huge success!!

This year we had approximately 24 groups (both students and staff) sign up to participate in the "Lip-Off for Cancer". The first week, each group lip syncs 30 seconds of a song on stage for the entire student body. After all the groups have performed, each morning before school, the students and staff then "money vote" for the groups they wish to see again the next week. The top half of the performances move on to to the next week of the competition (12 groups move on). The second week of the competition, the groups get to lip sync 45 seconds of a song. Again, the money-voting process continues and the top half moves on to the next week (6 groups move on). In the third week, groups get 1 minute of a song. The process continues each week, less groups - more song time. This has been a lot of fun! We have fun entertainment and raise money for an important cause all at the same time.

Sadly, many of us know someone that has cancer ... doing this Lip-Off for Cancer activity gives us a chance to try to make a difference. So many people are affected by cancer - we lost a staff member this year to cancer. Pam Miller was our school nurse for several years. She was a wonderful woman and loved by all. We wanted to raise money for the American Cancer Society in honor of Pam. This year, two of our participants took the contest to a new level. Gavin Miller and Hunter Klima used technology to help raise money this year. The boys posted a video on Facebook sharing information about the Lip-Off for Cancer and our goal of raising money in honor of Pam Miller. They also posted videos of their weekly performances.

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The Lip-Off for Cancer winners this year were the Boys Gone Wild (Gavin Miller and Hunter Klima). In fact, they are on a 2-year win streak!! The Blue-Eyed Babes came in 2nd place and the Surprise came in 3rd place. We are certainly thankful for all the students and staff who participated in the Lip-Off for Cancer contest and for all the students, staff, and community members who money-voted this year. We raised a new all-time high of just over $3,000!!



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