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Tama County Board of Supervisors

January 24, 2014
Joyce Wiese - Correspondent , Dysart Reporter

Tama County Supervisors Larry Vest, Kendall Jordan and Dan Anderson met Monday morning with Jody Philipp to discuss reassigning a Tama County tax Sale Certificate from Richard VandeWalle to Jody Philipp, the property being located at 700 Station Street in Chelsea. At the present time there is taxes from 2009, 2011, 2012, and 2012 in the amount of $476.00 plus penalty and costs of $156.00 past due for a total of $632.00.

There is also a special assessment with the City of Chelsea in the amount of $1159.70 plus penalty and costs of $491.00 for a total of $1650.70, the two assessments amounting to $2970.70.

The Board of Supevisors agreed to work with Philipp and advised to get the legal work in place and then come back to a board meeting to have an agreement in place. Philipp had offered $600.00 for the package and would pay the current taxes.

Dan Anderson was appointed to serve on the (HVAAA) Hawkeye Valley Area Agency for Aging. Anderson stated he would be willing to take this position.

Approval was given for two quarterly reports and one annual report. The Auditor's quarterly report shows $1015.75 collected for maps and plat books, $7.42 for miscellaneous for a total of $10223.17.

The Sheriff's quarterly report shows a balance on hand starting the quarter of $2360.58. There was total receipts of $70,671.38 due to the treasurer, $6267.05 in garnished funds, $801.17 in miscellaneous (including gun permits to state) and Refund of Sheriff's Fees for $281.89, for the total of $78,021.49. Disbursements in the amount of $77,999.25 included $70,671.38 due to the treasurer, $6244.81 garnished funds, $801.17 in miscellaneous (including gun permits to the state) and refund of sheriff's fees for $281.89, leaving a balance on hand of $2382.82.

The annual report of the Tama County Treasurer shows Bank Account balances of $13,942.218.83, Interest in Transit of $5733.74, Deposits in transit of $221,135.84 and outstanding warrants of $10,469.42, for a total of $13,854,337.17.

Net amount in banks as of December 31. 2013 was $13,885,592.99. Auditor outstanding warrants of $141,422.56 with an ending fund balance as of December 31, 2013 of $14,027,015.55

Claims approved for the past week for payment came to $186,939.75.



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