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D-G, Union combat bullying with Unity Day

October 18, 2013
Dysart Reporter

On October 9, 2013, the district came together to support the national event called Unity Day (from PACER's National Bullying Prevention Center). Unity Day is a day we come together as a nation to support students being bullied and show them they are not alone. For this event, we encouraged the students and staff to wear orange as well as provided orange wristbands.

At Dysart Elementary, fifth grade students went around to the classrooms to read a pledge called "Stop Bullying and Speak Up: Kids Against Bullying Pledge" to all the classrooms. This pledge encourages students to get involved in the movement to end bullying by speaking up for those who are bullied, talking about how bullying is not okay, and by not participating in bullying.

All classes signed a petition to end bullying and have it hung outside of their classrooms. Our students and staff had a wonderful show of support for Unity Day by having a sea of orange, which we took a school picture of. This was a fantastic way to wrap up the guidance curriculum's bullying unit and set the stage for a bully-free year!

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For the D-G bullying curriculum, there are 4-6 lessons at the beginning of the year which are revisited throughout the year. Each grade level learns about bullying as well as Union's Bullying Rules.

Union Bullying Rules:

1. We will not bully others.

2. We will try to help students who are bullied.

3. We will make it a point to include students who are easily left out.

4. If we know that somebody is being bullied, we will tell an adult at school and at home.

Bully Prevention Unit Objectives:

-Students will learn the definition and potential consequences of bullying. By definition, bullying is a mean action purposefully and repeatedly done to hurt another with less power.

-Students will learn the difference between being mean (happens once) and being a bully (occurs repeatedly).

-There are four main roles in the cycle of bullying: bully (someone who repeatedly hurts another person with less power), victim (the target of the bully), bystander (someone who sees or knows about a bullying situation), and upstander (someone who safely stands up against a bullying situation).

-Students will learn safe ways to stop bullys and help victims.



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