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Dysart Trucking 60th anniversary

May 24, 2013
Alissa Klenk - Reporter , Dysart Reporter

Dysart Trucking is celebrating 60 years in business this year. The company hauls oversized loads across the continental United States and Canada. 90% of their business comes from hauling the massive wind towers and blades for General Electric wind turbines that are popping up all over. Business is booming and 2013 is promising to be a busy year of business.

Gail Winkelpleck started the family business in 1953. In 2000, Randy Winkelpleck took over the company. Randy actually designed and patented special trailers to haul the large wind turbine parts. Tragically, Randy passed away unexpectedly in November of 2012. Although the last year has been heartbreaking, Randy's wife, Martha Winkelpleck, took over the reigns as owner shortly after Randy's death.

"I just wanted to take over the company because Randy and his Dad had the company going for so long. It's just what Randy loved doing," said Martha.

Article Photos

Ashley Bunz and Michele Bolin, Dysart Trucking office staff, pose for a photo in the newly remodeled basement of Martha Winkelpleck's home, which is the new office location for Dysart Trucking. Below, Martha Winkelpleck, current owner of Dysart Trucking, is shown holding a photo of her late husband Randy. A memorial plaque for Gail Winkelpleck hangs on the wall to her left.

Martha is a busy woman. In addition to overseeing the business operations of Dysart Trucking, she also oversees Wink's Escort Service, which Randy began in 2008. This is a fleet of pilot trucks that accompany the oversized loads that Dysart Trucking hauls. These wind turbine components are so big that they require wide load signs, flashing lights, and often a pilot truck in the front and the back. While keeping two businesses successfully running, Martha also works as the Assistant Cook at Dysart Geneseo Elementary School.

To make things a little easier, Martha remodeled the basement of her home on Sherman Street and moved the business from the previous location at 1005 Estelle Street to her basement. With easy access to the basement from the garage, it works out perfectly. There is a large sign with a photo of Randy's truck placed above the basement entrance in memory of Randy that reads, "Roll on the highway to heaven".

Michele Bolin (Accountant) and Ashley Bunz (Permit Specialist), help Martha help keep the business going from day to day. Both have been working for Dysart Trucking since 2007 and 2008 and say they couldn't ask for a better employer. Bolin and Bunz are two of about 25 employees of Dysart Trucking and Wink's Escort Service. In the busy times, the company has employed over 50 people in numerous locations across the United States. In a very busy year, the company can haul over 500 loads.

Business just begins to pick up around this time of year. With the weight of the wind turbine parts, the ground has to be hard so that they don't sink, and the weather has to be just right?it can't be too rainy, too windy, or too icy. Martha's goal for the business is to just keep it going.

"We've got business lined up. It's not moving yet, but that isn't anything unusual for this business. When we get going this year, it's going to be a good year," said Martha.

Martha's two sons have each been influenced by the family business. The older son, Daniel, is attending college for windmill repair. Her younger son, Nicolas, attends Union High School and wants to go into semi-truck repair someday.

Many members of the Dysart Community have asked Bolin and Bunz about the future of the company and if their jobs at Dysart Trucking are secure; everyone can be assured that the business is still up and running and doing great. Congratulations to Dysart Trucking for 60 years in business.



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