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Letter to the Editor: Stop gun violence

March 8, 2013
Jeannie Sieck , Dysart Reporter

To the Editor:

Strengthening the current background checking systems for gun sales is a first step to making our children & communities safe & free of gun violence. Those who commit acts of violence cannot get access to guns if we have universal background checks & improve the checking system we are currently using.

The background check system is highly efficient & effective by keeping more than 1.5 million guns out of the wrong hands. We must do a better job of having access to complete data about potentially dangerous individuals.

The increase on reported mental health records to the system from 2004 is about 800% yet there are still 17 states that have made fewer than 10 mental health records available to the background check system. We need to make sure stated & federal agencies are making available reliable information on those prohibited from having guns to the background check system.

What was an assault weapon made for but to be used by our military in war zones? Not on our streets to kill humans, in our schools to kill children or even on the firing range for the excitement of it. We need to reinstate the ban on assault weapons, for they are weapons for war, not for cowards to use.

These guns are sold by individuals doing gun trafficking along with their 30 round clips. We need to put a ban on these monster clips and make gun trafficking a federal crime.

If you agree with this, then raise your voice & appeal for action by calling, writing, & visiting your Congressman & Senator at the state & federal level. Thank you,

Women Against Violence

Jeannie Sieck

Toledo, Iowa



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