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The Braley Brief: Keep Saturday Mail Service

March 1, 2013
Bruce Braley - U.S. Congressman (IA-01) , Dysart Reporter

Early last week, I was disheartened to learn that the United States Postal Service has decided to cancel mail service on Saturdays. The change is scheduled to take place in August, and I am strongly opposed to the move.

For generations, Iowans have relied on the post office for quick and dependable mail service. Unfortunately, the decision will lead to slower mail service which will hurt Iowa businesses and rural residents.

This stoppage will cut many services to the elderly, disproportionally hurt rural communities, and slow commerce - and it won't save the $2 billion the Postal Service thinks it will. Cutting service also hurts postal workers who depend on Saturday hours for their families' well-being. Workers will lose thousands of hours of pay.

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The Postal Service must remember that cutting service to Iowans will mean it will take more time for people to receive their mail, and would be especially challenging for small businesses and those who depend on the postal service for mailing time-sensitive letters. It would also put a burden on already struggling newspapers that depend on the postal service for delivery.

The Postal Service made this change without the approval of the elected officials who represent the constituents who depend on Saturday mail, and by making this ill-considered decision, impacted millions of people who depend on six-day mail service.

For these reasons, I am encouraging the Postal Service to consider more sensible, money-saving ideas by first looking to much-needed internal and structural reforms before cutting service. The Postal Service's charter mandates it to provide services to the American people; therefore, service cuts should be an absolute last resort.

Two weeks ago, I signed onto a House resolution urging the Postal Service to maintain six-day delivery, and even with the Postal Service's change, I will continue to fight for more reliable mail service for all Iowans.

For more information about the upcoming change, please visit my website at



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