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Sells shows off hidden skills with poetry

February 15, 2013
Ross Bercik - Managing Editor , Dysart Reporter

Kevin Sells, a senior at Union High School, recently blossomed as a poet during the school's writing workshop. After sharing work with his peers, Union teacher Jared Pospisil decided to share his writing with the Dysart Reporter. "The Old School" is about the abandoned Geneseo schoolhouse. Here are two selections of Sells' poetry.

The Old School

By Kevin Sells

The old rotted doors that hang

With the windows nothing but broken glass

Once in a while something will bang

As the wind makes a pass.

Decorative art covers its walls

With grass and plants growing on the floor

Trash filling its halls

Touching its core-- almost sore.

Each room: dark and gloom

Filled with clutter and mice

Use to tell the tale of how well it use to boom?

People here and people there and they all seemed so nice

But now there's nothing that looms.

A random creak and crack

Telling the story it now lacks

Trying to bring it all back

The same story it still lacks.

Over time it will be missed

Holding to stories and tales

Even of the first kissed

But nothing it can do but hold those tales

The Old Wood Floor

By Kevin Sells

First a creek

Then a groan

Cracks that leak

And cracks that moan.

Everything you need

To love that floor

All stared with a seed

And someone who's poor

To build that hard wood floor.

But as time wears away

With all those kids at play

Eventually work their way

Into that floor that lay.

Sooner or later you will need to fix

That wooden ground with all those nicks

To silence those sounds

But it all started with a creek, in that old wooden ground



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