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Join me in voting for Jane Jech

November 1, 2012
Mary Blom - Marshalltown, Iowa , Dysart Reporter

On Tuesday, March 27, stacks of petitions were delivered to eleven Iowa legislators. The petition, which included over 25,000 signatures from Iowans, asked the Iowa Senate for a chance to vote on the Iowa Marriage Amendment. However, the petitions intended for Senator Sodders and three other Senators were rejected! After having petitions sent to their desks, those delivering them were informed that the Senators were "not taking these anymore." The chief enforcement officer of the Senate Chambers, answerable to Senator Mike Gronstal, said he had been "instructed to send them back." Senator Sodders never took any action to receive the petitions.

This sort of response is unprecedented. The petition simply stated "We oppose the Iowa Supreme Court's aggressive efforts to redefine marriage in Iowa. We the people of Iowa call upon Iowa's legislators to Let Us Vote on the Iowa Marriage Amendment to restore one man, one woman marriage, by passing it in the 2012 legislative session." Whether one agrees with this petition or not, it should not have been rejected. It is a constitutional right to "petition the Government for a redress of grievances" as stated in Amendment I of the Bill of Rights.

Ironically, during the Octemberfest parade, I received campaign literature from Sodders for Senate. It read "My pledge is that I will continue to work to be your voice in state government. Please call me any time with your questions, concerns or ideas." In the Sunday, Oct. 21 issue of the Times Republican, Senator Sodders is quoted he "believes his record of reaching across the political aisle to accomplish things speaks for itself."

"His ability to put partisan politics aside and look at ideas regardless of where they come from is what he feels makes him the best candidate...". "One of my jobs is to listen to what people say..."

Does Senator Sodders really listen to what the people of Iowa say? Has he really put partisan politics aside looking at ideas regardless of where they came from? Why didn't he reach across the political aisle and receive a petition with 25,000 signatures?

We need to get back to government being of the people, by the people, and for the people. Jane Jech will respectfully receive your petitions and your concerns, even if she does not agree with them. Join me in voting for Jane Jech for Senate.

Mary Blom

Marshalltown, Iowa



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