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Enduring symbol of freedom

July 6, 2012
Alissa Klenk - Reporter , Dysart Reporter

Old Glory can be seen proudly flying on top of the grain elevator for miles outside of Dysart. It's a symbol of home; both home in Dysart and also in the land of the free. How many times have you walked down Main Street and heard the flag snapping in the breeze? Or looked up and appreciated the beauty and symbolism of the flag against a clear blue sky? You probably notice when the flag is in tatters after a wind storm and when the flag isn't flown at all. But did you ever wonder who ensures that the flag is flown in all its pride?

Barry and Tara Grimm, owners of Dysart Tire, can see the flag from their front window at their home.

"Every time I look out of my living room window I see that flag flying. I notice when it's not there or if it's all tattered," Barry said.

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Dysart Tire donates money periodically to make sure that the flag is always flying. Roxanne and John Schneider have also donated money in the past. Replacing the flag can get expensive for the Tama-Benton Co-op, because each new flag costs over $200.

Neither the Grimms nor the Schneiders donated money to receive any recognition for their efforts. They saw something that they could do for the community and they just did it.

"We don't brag," Barry said. "It's just nice to see the flag flying up there, and that's why we do it."

And this is just one of many the things that makes Dysart, and this country, such special places. Next time you look up and see Old Glory flying in the breeze, remember to say thanks to the veterans, those who serve our nation today and the considerate community members who make Dysart feel like home.



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