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Dollar Stretchers

October 12, 2011
Dysart Reporter

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Every Payday

On each payday, I have direct deposit putting $100 into my savings account and then I forget about it. You would be surprised how it grows!


Better by the Gallon

I buy shampoo and conditioner in gallon jugs at the beauty supply shop. Then I pour these into small bottles for use in the shower. I am using the same products the beauticians use at a much cheaper rate than buying small bottles at the drug store.


Baggie Savings

I never buy baggies with the zip seal. Instead, I buy the baggies with ties. My store even carries the large one-quart size. I get 100 quart-size baggies for around $2, so even if I double wrap for freezing, I am still saving a ton of money!


Pay Cash!

We recently saved $80 when we insulated part of our home. The owner gave us a discount for paying with cash. All I had to do was drive to the bank to withdraw the money! The bank teller said that they are having a lot more customers coming in for cash for the same reason.


Natural Fall Decorating

For a nice fall decorating touch that costs nothing, collect hazelnuts and arrange them in dishes, clear jars, etc., and put a candle in the middle. This adds a comforting touch to a fall evening that costs nothing! Once you are done with fall decorating, give the nuts to the squirrels and birds that share your area.


Keeping That Heat Indoors

Most people never think to insulate behind the light switch cover in their homes. A lot of cool air in the summer and hot air in the winter is lost from homes in that area. Take insulation and put behind each light switch cover in your home to better insulate your home and save even more on your energy bills.


Why I Shop at the Local Hardware Store

Aside from better service, there's another great reason to shop at your local hardware store rather than the "big box" stores. The local store is very likely to stock colors and brands that were used when nearby houses were built! My older house had an aqua bathroom and one that was a strange pink color. Finding a matching toilet seat proved nearly impossible until I stopped into the local hardware store. They had all the "local" colors used in the 1970s when my subdivision was built. I discovered better service and the typically better "Made in the US" products and am willing to pay a little more to support this hardware store.

JD in St Louis

Still Saving on Food

Here's a food tip from the 1950s that I'm still using today. When frozen turkeys go on sale at Thanksgiving, etc., they are really cheap. For my family of seven, I buy about three or four big ones and have the butcher cut them in half right down the middle. They always do this for me when I ask. We enjoy the nice, inexpensive meals of roasted turkey several times during the year. Plus, we enjoy all the benefits of the leftovers and the meals the leftover turkey can be turned into like soups, casseroles, pot pies, turkey and noodles, enchiladas, etc.


Eliminating Food Bugs

I used to get the pasta bugs in my pantry all the time. They would travel to the rice and into various side dishes and infest everything. I ended up throwing everything away. Then I had the exterminator in and he suggested when I buy pasta from the market, I should put it in the freezer for two to three days. This supposedly kills all such larva. Since doing this, I no longer have a problem.


From Lunch to Savings

Recently, I have been trying to refrain from eating out during lunch. I find that I spend way too much money each week if I eat out. I have been keeping a log book, and every time I bring my lunch and eat it, I make a mark. Then, every time I get paid, I add up the marks and pay myself $5 for each lunch. I put the money straight into my savings account. It is amazing how much extra money I am able to save every month. Lunch is still great because I eat my lunch and read a book. Lunch seems to last forever! For some reason, playing games like this with myself just seems to work.


Stained Plastic Containers

I have seen many people throw away their clear plastic food storage containers because they have been permanently stained with spaghetti, taco, or other types of "red" sauce. There is an easy way to prevent this before the stain is set in, and it's cold water!

Yes, to avoid the permanent red staining, simply rinse and wash out the plastic container in cold water. Once you no longer see any red remaining on the clear plastic container, it can be washed as usual in the dishwasher with the other dishes.

Carla M. in Virginia



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