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Tama County Board of Supervisors

August 31, 2011
Dysart Reporter

By Joyce Wiese


Monday, August 29

Tama County Sheriff Dennis Kucera met with the Tama County Board of Supervisors Monday morning. Kucera says he is establishing a force of reserve officers for the Tama County Sheriff's Department. His goal is for six reserves.

All members of the reserve force will be certified officers, certified by the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy. So far he has four officers, Brian Randall, Lee Posusta, Danny Quigley and Jody Droigk.

Sheriff Kucera stated he had received the Law Enforcement Agreement from the city of Clutier with Tama County Sheriff's Office.

Bob Etzel, Tama County Conservation, reports expenses he has paid, 13.5 acres Leopold Mix #1 at $425 an acre, a total of $5737.50. 31.5 acres Fifteen Forb Mix at $159.00 acre, total of $5008.50. This is all a prairie grass mix.

Also included was to Benda Ag Service for spraying Parcel C (Hansen Addition) at $332.00, and Tama SWCD for drilling prairie seed on Parcel C & D of the Hansen Addition. This came to a total of $12,600.60. Etzel asked for the transfer of funds from the Tama County Economic Development which handles the Great Places Grant, to the Conservation Departments Land Acquisition and Development Account. The reimbursement check should be in the amount of $12,163.00.

Etzel also reported the Nature Center roof had been repaired, many trees have been cleaned up and other clean up work. Etzel stated he was getting estimates on the damage to the inside of the Nature Center. Much of the drywall was damaged by water coming through the roof damage. It was estimated that over $60,000 has been spent for debris removal and it is hoped FEMA will cover at least 85% of this loss. Insurance will cover much of it.

Tammy Wise and Todd Rickerts from the Central Point of Coordination office were present for approval of contracts and to withdraw from the 24 hour on call agreement.

In other business supervisors voted to terminate the County Home Crop ground and pasture leases. Notice will be sent to the present renters.

Next weeks meeting will be postponed until Tuesday morning, due to Labor Day falling on their regular meeting date of Monday.

The second public reading to change wording in Ordinance IV.5 Uniform Rural Address System of Tama County was approved. The final reading will be next Tuesday.

Claims paid for the past week came to $103,599.77.

Brad Fisher, Indian Village Township resident, asked why a hard surfaced road could not be implemented from the Quarry to the main road. Fisher stated they had sprayed Calcium Chloride on his road and lawn, and has concerns when hundreds of trucks per day travel this area. Supervisors stated they could not do the hard surfacing due to the lack of funds, but the big problem would end when the bridge over the Iowa River is completed.



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