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Dollar Stretchers

Dollar Stretchers

March 31, 2011
Dysart Reporter

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Travel Sized

A tube of travel size toothpaste is almost as expensive as the full size, but I discovered that I can reuse the plastic travel size tubes. I just press the open end of a full size tube firmly against the open end of the travel size tube. Then I squeeze the full size tube slowly to refill the smaller tube. Presto! I'm ready to hit the road!

Dean R.

Reduce Health

Insurance Premiums

Check that insurance! I found out mine has a program for up to $500 per adult per year for logging in exercise and nutrition and living healthier. They send a check at the end of the plan year. Wish I'd realized it sooner. I can get healthier and earn money!


Cheaper Spare


I am nearsighted and wear glasses. To cut the costs of new glasses, I check yard sales, thrift shops, and other areas where I might find used but stylish frames in good condition. I can send them away to have my prescription lens made and set. This saves me anywhere from $25-$100 that new frames might cost. Having an extra pair in case an accident should happen is great. It would be horrible to not be able to see and have to pay full price because I would need glasses right then and there.


Before It Spoils

I had veggies and fruits going to waste (like celery) that I couldn't seem to use up soon enough. Instead of throwing them out, I've started dehydrating the fruit and veggies. I keep what I will use and then dehydrate all the rest. This way we can have dehydrated fruits or fruit leather to snack on when we want without worrying that the fruit will go bad. When I need veggies, all I do is rehydrate what I need or throw them in casserole dishes or soups. Saves a lot of waste.

Eileen H.

Seed Starters

I use the rolls of toilet paper when the roll is done. I fill them with potting soil and plant seed an inch or so from the top. It has lots of room to develop root. I plant the entire roll. I put a bunch in a big pot, and as the rolls start to rot, I put them in the ground, or if it's too early, I put it in a pot. I also use rolls from paper towels, cutting them into three to four pieces.


Dinner for Lunch

I go to the local grocery store and pick up five of my favorite frozen dinners (or whatever is on sale that week) and eat those for lunch instead of going out everyday. I save money on gas and food for the week. I spend approximately $10 a week for lunch versus going out and spending $5 or more per day. The frozen dinners average out to $2-$3 per dinner. This is a huge savings.


Gift Packing Materials

Easter is fast approaching, and I dearly love those after-Easter clearance sales. Easter grass often makes it to the 75-90% clearance sales, sometimes selling as low as 5 to 10 cents a bag. It makes great filler for gift bags. Easter grass comes in a wide variety of colors, so it's usually not too difficult to match a gift bag for a birthday, anniversary, wedding, or even baby/wedding shower gift. I can use it for gifts all year long!

Amber K.

Garden Manure

Horse stables are a great source of manure for your gardens. Many have no problem with you carting away as much manure as you want. At the barn I use, the guys will even load up the back of my truck for me. Also, I make sure to ask for manure that has been "cooking" for a few months. Be sure to call first as policies differ from stable to stable.


Super Spare Change

Super charge your efforts for spare change. A lot us save our change. But what if we made a conscious effort to save our spare change? Use your tens and twenties to make change. Save the change and dollar bills. Throw in a five or ten dollar bill every once in a while. You won't even notice it gone. You can save $20-$30 or even $40 a month doing this and it is fun. Get the whole family involved. Start a vacation fund or a night out fund, or start saving for a raining day. But, if you could save $35 a month and put it towards your retirement, you would be so far ahead of the game.


Easy Garden

This is a great tip on growing tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, etc. in any location, especially if you have poor or hard soil. Buy a bag of good top soil or potting soil. Make a few slits in bottom of bag and a hole or two in the top of the bag, depending on which plant you want to grow. Lay this on top of the ground. Just plant in the holes, water and watch them grow.

You can group several togeth1er and mulch around them with leaves or grass clippings if you do not like the look of the plastic. If you check the home stores and garden centers, you can usually purchase bags of soil that already are damaged with small holes for half the price. The bags will usually last a year or more.

Darlene J. in Bluff City, Tennessee



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