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Dollar Stretchers

October 14, 2010
Dysart Reporter

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Alternative Halloween Treats

Halloween is coming soon. Instead of putting candy treats in little goblin's bags, I recycle small children's toys, books and office supplies. These can be obtained by decluttering your child's toy box or at yard sales, flea markets and church fairs. Fast food toys work especially well for this. Crayons and school supplies are purchased at sale prices during back-to-school week. The first year I did this, I offered a choice of candy or these items. All the children opted for these items. I have the satisfaction of knowing that I am not contributing to health or landfill problems. And, of course, I am also saving money.

Melanie P.

Buying a Used Vacuum

My vacuum cleaner died, and I needed to find a replacement without buying a new one. I called my local vacuum repair shop to see if they had a used or refurbished one that I could buy. They let me buy one that a customer never picked up for $50 (the fee to tune up). It was a Hoover(r) bagless, which sells for $200 regular price. The vacuum repair shop recouped their money for the tune up, and I gained a nice vacuum for a fraction of the price.

Terri B.

Being Completely Prepared

Everyone knows about packing civil defense boxes in case of hurricane, flood, tornado, etc. These boxes contain things like nonperishable food, flashlights that don't need batteries, radios, and so on. But I learned the hard way that my civil defense box ought to contain clothing, too. A few t-shirts, blue jeans or work-ready trousers, socks, waterproof shoes and underwear plus work gloves would have made a big difference when I was forced to evacuate my home.


Wrap Your Christmas Presents Now

Several years ago, I got tired of all the wasted Christmas paper. I got out my sewing machine after Christmas and made several simple drawstring bags with red fabric. I used those bags throughout the year for birthday gifts and then at Christmas. It was quick and easy to wrap gifts, and I simply folded the bags and stored them in the closet until the next time I needed to wrap something. Each year I make several more from scrap fabric, in different sizes, and have added to my collection. They look beautiful under the Christmas tree, too!




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