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Laura on Life

The Miracle of Cinnamon Rolls

October 14, 2010
Dysart Reporter




Do you know you can create a small miracle? All it takes is a small change from the ordinary routine. It was a Tuesday. A ho-hum Tuesday. The middle of the week. Nothing happening except the same old thing: Work and school. On a day like that, it's hard to open your eyes, much less get out of bed. What's worse is that my husband and I not only had to leave the warm cocoon of our bed and blink away the harshness of a flipped-on light. We then had to rouse three sleepy children from their cotton-candy dreams. Dreams that almost certainly did not include things like multiplication tables, sentence structures and the scientific method. Well my fourteen-year old might have been dreaming about the scientific method. Yet these were the order of the day for my children. Basically, we were counting on past threats, cajoling and their inherent respect for us to get my kids in an upright position and at least go through the motions of getting ready for the day. You can clearly see what a difficult feat this might be. "Respect for my parents? Sleep? That's a no-brainer - ZZZZZZZ" However, we all have the power to create a mini miracle. On that Tuesday, my mini miracle was in the form of cinnamon rolls. It wasn't cinnamon rolls from the bakery, cold and slightly stale. No it was the freshly-baked kind, warm and oozing with sticky icing. Before you get any strange ideas about my nonexistent baking skills, let me assure you that I am not suggesting that you get up at 3 oh-my-gosh o'clock in the morning to start making cinnamon rolls. That would definitely take all the joy out of it. I'm simply talking about a tube of dough that you can procure in the refrigerated section of your neighborhood grocery store. Yes, those little tubes of miracles. The first miracle was that I remembered that tube sitting on a shelf in my refrigerator. Out of my dream-laden sleep, it called me. My eyes popped open like a bagel exploding from the toaster. Miracle number one. I got up, wandered to the kitchen, half-convinced that someone already absconded with the cinnamon rolls. They were still there. Miracle number two. I turned on the oven and whacked that lovely tube on the counter to split it open. An act of aggression first thing in the morning clears the senses. Miracle number three. Normally, I'd grab a banana and collapse on the couch for my daily waking-up ritual. This includes staring at nothing for a full 15 minutes until a kid wandered in with a morning-readiness transgression; like not wearing underwear. Nothing focuses a Mom better than imagining what the teacher will think if your child goes to school without underwear. When I went to wake my children more miracles! The youngest simply laid there while I tousled his hair and said, "Time to get up" in the raspy sing-song voice I reserved for early mornings. He didn't move. "I'm making cinnamon rolls." He gave me the toaster eyes, smiled, and asked how many he could have! I told him there were eight of them. He immediately did the math and concluded that he could have one and a half cinnamon rolls. Wow! Math calculations before his head had left the pillow! Then I walked into my daughter's room. I cut to the chase and sang, "Cinnamon rolls!" Instead of the grumpy grunts and groans I normally received during wake-up time, she sat up and grinned at me! "Really?" she asked, excited. I nodded, feeling like her fairy godmother. She gave me a big hug and went to fight for her two minutes in the bathroom. I went to my fourteen-year old's bedroom and, wonder of wonders, he was already standing up! "What smells so good, Mom?" "Cinnamon rolls!" I sang. My voice worked better every time I said those two words, so he didn't cringe as he might have. In fact, he looked ecstatic! I was suddenly in a great mood and I just knew that today was going to be a wonderful day. Cinnamon rolls and miracles will do that to you.



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