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Slices of Life

The sweet simple things in life

August 20, 2010
Dysart Reporter


Jill Pertler

Life is filled with simple pleasures that bring a smile to your face and put a lump in your throat. My mom always advised me to count my blessings. It was her way of saying that everyday joys help to fill and define the essence of life. Being cognizant of them accomplishes something significant: it allows them to multiply. Once you start looking, you can't help seeing. I challenged myself to come up with a mere 100. Here goes:

1. Ring around the rosie

2. Puddles

3. A mama duck and her 10 babies

4. Crossing the street

5. Mudpies

6. A soft warm bed

7. Bringing your own pillow from home

8. Oversleeping

9. Being 8

10. Anything fried on a stick at any county fair anywhere in the U.S.

11. A picnic, in the middle of winter, in the livingroom

12. The smell of freshly cut grass

13. Dipping your feet in off the dock

14. Minnows nibbling on your toes

15. Puppy breath

16. When a cat "kneads" you

17. A brand new pair of tennis shoes

18. Going barefoot

19. Freshly polished toenails

20. A tanline

21. Being 18

22. Your first apartment

23. The sun coming in through mini blinds

24. "Yes"

25. "I do"

26. "We're pregnant"

27. "Mama"

28. The excitement of being married one year

29. A three-day weekend

30. Sticky kisses from a 4-year-old

31. Goodnight kisses from your husband

32. Kissing a boo boo

33. And making it all better

34. The bottom of the laundry pile

35. Three small, ripe strawberries dropped into a glass of chilled chardonnay

36. Your child's face, first thing in the morning (as long as it is after 8 a.m.)

37. Your child's face, last thing at night (as long as it is before 8 p.m.)

38. Clean sheets

39. A new down pillow

40. The snooze alarm

41. First grade teachers

42. Second grade teachers

43. Third grade teachers (and so on)

44. Being outnumbered by your kids

45. When today's square on the calendar is completely empty

46. Any elementary art project involving clay

47. Handprints on the windows

48. When all the mittens match

49. Eating sunflower seeds while watching Little League baseball

50. Going to Disneyworld

51. And meeting the real Cinderella

52. A first grade school music program

53. Ice in your drink

54. Ice on a hockey rink

55. Being 38

56. Being 38 for a second year in a row

57. A smile from a stranger

58. A smile from your husband

59. A text from your teenager

60. Getting carded (when you are over 30)

61. Not getting carded (when you are under 30)

62. The first day of summer

63. The first day of school

64. Back to school shopping

65. The clearance rack

66. An unexpected hug from any 13-year-old

67. A thick juicy burger

68. With fries

69. At a restaurant

70. Your teenager asking, "What do you think, Mom?"

71. The contentment of being married 20 years

72. A family vacation

73. Talking with your mom

74. Talking with your dad

75. The radio station that plays classic rock

76. Looking at an old photo and thinking you looked pretty good then

77. An egg, fried over-easy with the yoke intact like your dad used to make

78. Your mom's recipe for rhubarb sauce

79. Corn on the cob

80. Dental floss

81. A hot shower

82. Brushing your teeth in the morning

83. A port-a-potty when you really have to go

84. Being 88

85. A friend with an apple tree who is willing to share

86. Vanilla ice cream

87. Coming home from vacation

88. The smell of coffee

89. Peanut butter toast

90. Raspberry jam

91. A warm blanket, preferably homemade

92. A bird's nest in a tree in your backyard

93. Holding hands

94. While watching the sunset

95. Knowing what 'unconditional' means

96. A summer storm

97. Porcupine meatballs just like your mom used to make

98. Fallen leaves crunching underfoot

99. Snowflakes on your tongue

100. A really good book

101. A happy ending

102. Yesterday

103. Today

104. Tomorrow

How's that for a backwards kind of bucket list? I surpassed 100; couldn't help myself. Once you identify a simple pleasure, it's difficult to cross it off your list. How do you judge one moment of joy against the other? You can't. I couldn't. Here's hoping you run into the exact same problem.

Jill Pertler is a syndicated columnist and author of "The Do-It-Yourselfer's Guide to Self-Syndication" at She also offers writing and design services at . Check Slices of Life out on Facebook. Email Jill:



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