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Union Community Schools 2010-2011 Supply Lists

July 22, 2010
Dysart Reporter




All grades will need standard 3.5mm stereo headphones (the size used in a standard portable radio, ipod, or cumputer - these can be purchased for $1 at many dollar stores.)

Please mark all items including clothing with your child's name including coats, sweaters, caps, snowpants, boots, etc.


A towel labeled with child's name for resting (no plastic mats because of storage space)

1 box Kleenex

1 coloring book

2 bottles Elmer's glue

4 glue sticks

2 - 24 pack of Crayola crayons

1 pair Fiskars metal scissors with rounded points (no plastic blades)

1 box each - quart and gallon size Ziplock storage bags

6 - #2 pencils

1 wide-lined spiral notebook

1 container Clorox wipes

1 sturdy 2-pocket folder for daily take home folder

First Grade

(Please put student's name on each item)

10 - sharpened #2 pencils

good square eraser

small pencil box

3 - 24 count packages crayons


1 Elmer's white glue

1 box quart-size Ziplock storage bags

Second Grade

(Please, no eversharps, no pens, no trapper keepers or large notebooks. Please put student's name on each item.)

10 sharpened pencils


12" metric and inches ruler

glue stick

2 boxes Kleenex

2 containers Clorox wipes

Third Grade

1 glue stick

8 - #2 pencils


pointed-end scissors

colored pencils

ruler with inches and centimeters

2 - wide-lined spiral notebooks

3 - folders with pockets

case or holder for carrying pencils

2 colored checking pens

1 highlighter

1 dry erase marker

1 box Ziplock storage bags (any size)

Fourth and Fifth Grades

(Initial all items with permanent marker)

2" - 3-ring enclosed binder (zipper or velcro)

6 wide-lined spiral notebooks (no wireless please - 4 of them should fit into the binder. No perforated edges.)

Crayons or pre-sharpened colored pencils

48 - #2 pre-sharpened pencils (no mechanical pencils)

8 inexpensive red pens for student correcting

2 erasers

scissors (all should fit inside pencil box)

pencil box (small Rubbermaid or other sealed container)

1 bottle white glue

La Porte City

Please note:

* Pencils - decorative pencils do not necessarily sharpen well. We recommend plain yellow pencils.

* Crayons - The Crayola brand is preferred in the lower grades.

* Scissors - The Fiskars brand is preferred because of quality and durability. If last year's Fiskars still fit your child's hand, use them again.

* Glue - Standard Elmer's School Glue is recommended.

* Art Boxes - Please send the small flip-top or cigar box size.

Towel for resting (label with child's name and place in a plastic bag)

2 - 200 count boxes Kleenex

3 - 24 pack Crayola crayons

2 - 8 pack Crayola crayons (regular size, not large)

3 bottles (4 oz.) Elmer's glue (white only, do not send No Run)

12 - #2 pencils

3 - 2 pocket folders (plain colors only)

2 spiral notebooks (wide lined)

1 set washable markers and a coloring book for inside recess

1 pair Fiskars metal scissors with rounded points

Art box ( plastic, not cardboard)

Book bag

1 box Ziplock bags (quart or gallon)

Scissors - Fiskars, tagged with name

2 boxes 24 Crayola crayons

3 bottles Elmer's glue (4 oz. white only, do not send No Run)

3 boxes Kleenex (large)

4 - red two pocket folders

2 - 70 page spiral notebooks (wide rule)

Art box

1 - 1 inch 3-ring black binder notebook (sturdy, hard cover)

1 box Ziplock bags (gallon)

2 - 24 count boxes crayons

24 - #2 pencils

pencil top erasers - 2 dozen

2 bottle's Elmer's glue (regular Elmer's, not school glue, 4 oz.)

1 - 70 page spiral notebook (wide rule)

2 sturdy vinyl two pocket folders (red, blue)

1 - 2 pocket folder (for art)

1 set of washable markers

1 set of colored pencils

2 boxes Kleenex (175 or 200 count)

2 large glue sticks

1 Art box

2 fine point black permanent Sharpie markers

1 Expo marker (any color) for whiteboards

1 pkg. wide-lined loose leaf notebook paper

3 large glue sticks

1 - 3 subject spiral notebook, wide-lined

1 composition notebook

1 - 2 pocket folder (for music)

2 boxes 24 count crayons

checking pens, any color

1 fine point black permanent Sharpie marker

2 Expo markers (any color) for whiteboard

1 set universal headphones for personal use

1 box Kleenex (175 or 200 count)

Assignment book will be provided

Fourth Grade

Wide-lined loose leaf paper (1 pkg.)


erasers (1 large and 1 pkg. pencil top)

3 large glue sticks and 1 - 4 oz. Elmer's glue

1 - 8 pack colored pencils

2 thin highlighters, any color

5 - 2 pocket folders

2 - 1" three-ring binder notebooks (sturdy, hard cover)

1 - 5 subject spiral notebook (not separate notebooks)

1 flash drive (optional) 512 MB to 1 GB

Fifth Grade

Checking pen, any color

1 package colored pencils

1 bottle Elmer's glue

1 large glue stick

pencils, #2, and erasers

5 - 70 page spiral notebooks (2 red, 1 green, 1 purple, 1 black)

1 pkg. wide-lined loose leaf paper

5 - 2 pocket folders (red, green, blue, purple, black)

1 box 24 count crayons

1 flash drive (optional)


Middle School

Sixth Grade

5 dozen - #2 pencils

3 glue sticks

black, blue and red ink pens

2 boxes of Kleenex and 1 Clorox wipes (take to PAL)

ruler with centimeters and inches

3 - 100 count pkgs. loose leaf paper

backpack or bag that fits locker (no rollers)

1 pkg. 100 3x5 note cards

flash drive (optional)

Computer class-3 ring binder and 11x14 frame (more info at registration/orientation)

Science-green folder and lg. green book cover, college rule spiral paper

Social Studies-black folder and XL or jumbo black book cover, college rule spiral paper

Language-yellow folder, 2 yellow spiral notebooks (college rule)

Math-blue folder, blue book cover, blue spiral notebook, and calculator (Casion fx300W or TI30xIIS or TI-15)

Seventh Grade

scissors and rubber cement

2 boxes Kleenex (take to PAL)

Clorox wipes (take to PAL)

#2 pencils (always have 2-3 pencils at school)

red, black and blue pens (no gel pens)

loose leaf paper

100 3x5 note cards

highlighter and large markers (pkg. of 8)


extra large/jumbo book covers

calculator (TI30xIIS to TI 30x multiview (Mrs. Schmidt's class - 4 function)

Language-1" 3-ring binder with 5 dividers and loose leaf paper

Computer-3 ring binder (can use last year's)

Social Studies-1" 3-ring binder with 5 dividers and loose leaf paper

Literature-3 prong folder and paper

Eighth Grade

1 bottle rubber cement (take to PAL)

2 boxes Kleenex and 1 Clorox wipes (take to PAL)

2 pkg. of 100 3x5 note cards

spiral notebooks or loose leaf paper

2 glue sticks (take to PAL)

#2 pencils, colored pencils, and pens (black, blue and red)

felt tip markers and highlighter

4 jumbo book covers

binder or accordian style folder system to keep work organized

Computer-3 ring binder and last year's computer notes

Family Consumer Science-pins, scissors, seam ripper, red pen

Social Studies-(Moody) folder; (Eikamp) 3 prong pocket folder

Language-1" 3-ring binder and 3 prong pocket folder, 2 red pens, 2 green pens

calculator (TI30xIIS or TI-30x Multiview; Mrs. Schmidt's class-4 function)

Careers-1" 3-ring binder

Art-1 kitchen-size plastic garbage bag

Literature-3 prong folder and loose leaf paper

Recommended if you have a home computer: USB drive-512 MB (under $20)

Union High School

All high school students must have the following with them on the first day of class:

1 3-ring binder (1-1/2")

lined, loose leaf notebook paper

1 spiral notebook

pens and pencils

set of 5 multi-colored file folders

large box Kleenex

Each teacher will distribute a list of supplies needed for a specific class the first day of the course.



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