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Dysart Swim Team Awards

2010 Big Six Swim Meet Results

July 14, 2010
Dysart Reporter

The Dysart Swim Team hosted the Conference Swim-Offs on June 10th. The team results are as follows: 1st Dysart (612), 2nd Waverly (600), 3rd Independence (321), 4th La Porte City (308), 5th Parkersburg (298) , 6th Oelwein (296), 7th Dike (141)

Dysart Swim Team Results:


Article Photos

The Dysart swimteam held an award ceremony Sunday, July 11.Pictured is the Special Award winners. Row 1 left to right: Marcus Albertsen, Lane Hennings, Karson Hennings, Cole McNeal, Natalie Tecklenburg, Carlie Hoppe, Alexis Richards. Row 2: Casey Tecklenburg, Cole Pippert, Alyson Garwood, Savannah Jensen, Joel Wauters, Brianna Harvey, Courtney Heckt. Not pictured: Tessa Pearson and Cole Pearson.
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8 & Under

100m Medley Relay: Elizabeth Moore, Carlie McNeal, Natalie Tecklenburg, Samantha Glenn 1st Place

100 Individual Medley: Natalie Tecklenburg 2nd Place

25m Free: Samantha Glenn 2nd Place

25m Breast: Carlie McNeal 1st Place

25 Butterfly: Elizabeth Moore 4th Place

50m Free: Natalie Tecklenburg 1st Place

25m Back: Elizabeth Moore 3rd Place

100m Free Relay: Elizabeth Moore, Samantha Glenn, Tessa Pearson, Natalie Tecklenburg 1st Place


200m Medley Relay: Emma Alpers, Cylie McNeal, Megan Carty, Allie Carty 2nd Place

100m Individual Medley: Cylie McNeal 3rd Place

50m Free: Allie Carty 2nd Place

50m Breast: Allie Carty 3rd Place

50m Butterfly: Emma Alpers 3rd Place

100m Free: Cylie McNeal 2nd Place

50m Back: Emma Alpers 7th Place

200m Free Relay: Emma Alpers, Megan Carty, Cylie McNeal, Allie Carty 3rd Place


200m Medley Relay: Kaitlyn Helgeson, Katie Freeland, Allison McLaren, Lauren Krupa 1st Place

100m Individual Medley: Katie Freeland 3rd Place

50m Free: Lauren Krupa 1st Place

50m Breast: Katie Freeland 3rd Place

50m Butterfly: Allison McLaren 1st Place

100m Free: Allison McLaren

50m Back: Lauren Krupa 1st Place

200m Free Relay: Katie Freeland, Kaitlyn Helgeson, Allison McLaren, Lauren Krupa 1st Place


200m Medley Relay: Nicole Krafka, Torri Flickinger, Kaitlyn Moore, Cloey Pippert 3rd Place

200m Individual Medley: Nicole Krafka 3rd Place

50m Free: Cloey Pippert 4th Place

100m Breast: Torri Flickinger 4th Place

100m Butterfly: Kaitlyn Moore 4th Place

100m Free: Cloey Pippert 6th Place

100m Back: Nikki Krafka 2nd Place

200m Free Relay: Cloey Pippert, Kaitlyn Moore, Torri Flickinger, Nicole Krafka 2nd Place

15 & Over

200m Medley Relay: Kersten King, Savannah Jensen, Katie King, Alyson Garwood 2nd Place

200m Individual Medley: Katie King 2nd Place

50m Free: Alyson Garwood 1st Place

100m Breast: Savannah Jensen 4th Place

100m Butterfly: Katie King 3rd Place

100m Free: Savannah Jensen 2nd Place

100m Back: Kersten King 3rd Place

200m Free Relay: Katie King, Kersten King, Alyson Garwood, Savannah Jensen 1st Place


100m Medley Relay: Destin Allen, Lane Hennings, Tanner Porter, Marcus Albertsen 2nd Place

25m Free: Marcus Albertsen 6th Place

25m Breast: Lane Hennings 2nd Place

25m Butterfly: Tanner Porter 2nd Place

50m Free: Marcus Albertsen 5th Place

25m Back: Tanner Porter 3rd Place

100m Free Relay: Marcus Albertsen, Destin Allen, Tanner Porter, Lane Hennings 2nd Place

200m Medley Relay: Koby Alpers, Ben Dvorak, Tate Hookham, Jace Glenn 1st Place

100m Individual Medley: Koby Alpers 2nd Place

50m Free: Jace Glenn 1st Place

50m Breast: Ben Dvorak 2nd Place

50m Butterfly: Tate Hookham 1st Place

100m Free: Koby Alpers 1st Place

50m Back: Tate Hookham 2nd Place

200m Free Relay: Jace Glenn, Ben Dvorak, Tate Hookham, Koby Alpers 1st Place

200m Medley Relay: Carter Hennessy, Cole McNeal, Camden Pippert, Mason Kelling 1st Place

100m Individual Medley: Cole McNeal 2nd Place

50m Free: Camden Pippert 1st Place

50m Breast: Cole McNeal 1st Place

50m Butterfly: Camden Pippert 2nd Place

100m Free: Carter Hennessy 2nd Place

50m Back: Cartern Hennessy 1st Place

200m Free Relay: Cole McNeal, Mason Kelling, Camden Pippert, Carter Hennessy 1st Place


200m Medley Relay: Nathan Dvorak, Joel Wauters, Noah Garwood, Conner Kriz 2nd Place

100m Individual Medley: Joel Wauters 2nd Place

50m Free: Noah Garwood 1st Place

50m Breast: Joel Wauters 1st Place

50m Butterfly: Noah Garwood 1st Place

100m Free: Nathan Dvorak 4th Place

50m Back: Nathan Dvorak 2nd Place

200m Free Relay: Joel Wauters, Conner Kriz, Nathan Dvorak, Noah Garwood 3rd Place

200m Medley Relay: Casey Tecklenburg, Jacob Zeien, Cole Pippert, Kendall Lyons 3rd Place

200m Individual Medley: Jacob Zeien 3rd Place

50m Free: Kendall Lyons 1st Place

100m Breast: Jacob Zeien 3rd Place

100m Butterfly: Cole Pippert 3rd Place

100m Free: Cole Pippert 1st Place

100m Back: Casey Tecklenburg 2nd Place

200m Free Relay: Cole Pippert, Casey Tecklenburg, Jacob Zeien, Kendall Lyons 3rd Place



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