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Dollar Stretchers

July 14, 2010
Dysart Reporter

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Old Buns?

Use old buns to make cheesy bread sticks. Butter the buns of any size, sprinkle with garlic powder and shredded cheese to taste, and toast until the cheese melts. This is great with spaghetti, lasagna, etc.

Mary A.

Trapping Fruit Flies

I got fruit flies from my plants. I used a coffee mug with a half-inch of orange juice in it and put a coffee filter over the top with a small slit in the bottom of it. They flew in but not out.


Cool Summer Special

We store beverage glasses in the freezer door. We always have a frosty, chilled glass when we want a refreshing cold drink!

Ivy Maria

Protecting Clothing Colors

Wash your newly purchased clothing in a cup of white vinegar to help set the colors. This will make all of your dark colored items hold their color longer.


Traveling Toys for Tots

Here is a tip that has worked well for me in the past. When traveling to see family, it is hard to take toys along for small children, especially when flying. After you arrive at your destination, visit the local thrift shop. You can buy many inexpensive toys, books, puzzles, etc. When it is time to leave, return the items to the thrift shop and get a receipt for a charitable gift that you can deduct on your taxes.


Frugal Solution to Dry Hair

I have thick, long hair, which used to get super dry and brittle. I stopped using the expensive conditioners and started rinsing my hair (after washing) in one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar mixed into about two to three cups of water. My hair became soft and tangle free within a week! When I used conditioner again, it was back to dry straw with all the curl gone, so now I stick to the vinegar rinse. Sometimes I even add a drop of essential oil to the rinse as a treat. You need not worry that you will smell of vinegar. It is very dilute and evaporates quickly. The best part is that my hair is lovely, shiny, and soft now. I can't remember ever having such soft hair.


Above Ground Pools

Always have a pool patch kit and know where it is! We were swimming one day and a heel went through a weak spot. I saw the water lowering. The hole was less than an inch, but the water was running out fast. I ran inside and got the repair kit (a plastic patch that comes with water epoxy). The kit was about $6 at Wal-Mart but well worth it! If I had to run to the pool store that is near our home, the pool would have lost a lot of water, and the kit would've been double that price!

S. in Rochester, NY

Restaurant Night

We are really trying to save money and eat healthy at the same time, so we are steering clear of eating out. Along that line, our family sometimes has "restaurant night." The kids help decide the main course and then draw up a menu based on the selection. We work together to cook the meal. Then we have a lit candle on the table during dinner. They "take orders" and serve us (their parents). At the end, they hand us a bill and the amount we "pay" goes into their savings account. The kids love it! A favorite is Italian with lasagna, salad, bread, and dessert.


Toy Shopping for Adults

My husband and I enjoy giving to Toys for Tots, but as our family grows with marriages and significant others (all of our children are adults), we found it hard to buy for all of the family, donate toys, and stay within a budget.

We ran our idea past our kids first and they thought it would be fun so this is what we do now for Christmas. We take all of our kids and their spouses/significant others shopping. They each look for a toy they would have wanted as a little one and we donate it to Toys for Tots. We have a good time shopping as a family and our kids know that their "gift" is important to us and to the child that will receive it.

Shelley D.

Affordable Pets

Fostering animals is one way to have all the pleasures of pet ownership on a budget. I put in just as much work and effort on a fostered animal as I do on those I own, and I enjoy their company every bit as much as if the pet were mine.

It helps the pet, too, because I can provide a wealth of information to the prospective owners. You have to be able to say goodbye when the time comes, so this may not be for everybody. I began by contacting my local animal shelter and asking about their foster care program. Where I live, the shelter provides the animals' medical care and other basic expenses while I provide the food, exercise, playtime, toys, socialization, and love.








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