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Tama County Board Of Supervisors

April 14, 2010
Dysart Reporter


Joyce Wiese


Lyle Brehm, Tama County Engineer, was present at the Tama County Board of Supervisors meeting Monday morning with the five-year road plan available. Brehm explained the method he uses for prioritizing road work,. Brehm stated on bridges he determines the cost of replacing a bridge through the Department of Transportation. The amount of traffic on the road is next considered, the existing width of the considered area, and how long the detour around the area, plus how close to a paved road the bridge being considered is located. Brehm says this information is computerized by the Department of Transportation and he uses their records for making his decisions.

2010 work included in the five year plan includes a bridge in Highland Township being funded by the Local Option Sales Tax. 2011 shows another bridge in Highland Township, a bridge on the Carlton-Howard township line done with Federal Bridge money, Cold in-place recycling and Hot Mix asphalt on K Avenue from E43 north Cold in place recycling/ hot mix asphalt on E43 (Dupanda) from Highway 63 east to Highway V18. Grading on L Avenue from 210th Street south is also scheduled.

Plans for the next four years can be seen at the County Engineer's office or in the County Board of Supervisors room.

Brehm also reports the bridge in Otter Creek township, section 21/22, between 310th and 320th streets on P Avenue is being worked on at the present time. It is expected the concrete for a portion of the floor to be done tomorrow, Tuesday.

Several of the rock roads are still from the spring thaw. Several roads have been temporarily closed due to the frost boils in the road but only one is left closed at the present time. -Several counties are having the same problems. Linn and Johnson County gave a report on the news recently stating the problems the frost boils have caused in their areas. Suupervisors have heard from many counties suffering the same difficulties.

Robert Etzel, County Conservation manager, was present requesting permission to deposit some checks received into the LAD (Land and Development) account. Etzel has received half of the crop rent from those farmers who have rented the Hansen Addition and the A and Reinig Tract. . Etzel has also received a reimbursement check from the State of Iowa , REAP for $159,074.18. The total amount requested to be deposited was $166,757.73. This account is used to save money for projects to be done that take more than one year of funds to accomplish .

Taxes were abated for a lot now in the City of Garwin's possession. This is the space where the old hotel stood. Taxes abated were in the amount of $3278.00.

Reassignment of a Tax Sale Certificate was requested by County Treasurer Sandra Fowler for a lot in Gladbrook. $156.00 is due on back taxes . These will be paid by the new owner when the reassignment is completed.

County Supervisor Kendall Jordan told supervisors he had received a letter requesting use of the court house lawn for a Stop lite Festival. Details on this are not yet known but all the information will be available at the next weeks meeting.

Claims for the past week came to $162,059.28



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