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Union Middle School Students Participate in Science Fair

April 7, 2010
Dysart Reporter

Many UMS students spent January and February working on their Science Fair projects. Students research a question, develop a hypothesis, set up an experiment to test their results, and report their findings. All sixth and seventh graders participated, and about half of the eighth graders participated. The UMS Science Fair was held on March 2. Winning seventh and eighth grade entries were eligible to go on to the Eastern Iowa Science and Engineering competition held in Cedar Rapids on March 6. Local winning entries are as follows: 6th Grade Biological Science: 1st place: Clean Pollution Emma Wilson, Nicole Lowe. 2nd Place: Does Putting Sugar on Strawberries Make Them Mold Faster? Jadin Hennings, Kaitlyn Helgeson. 3rd Place: Egg Production Nick McQuilkin, Mitchell Hanson, Dana Wigg

6th Grade Physical Science:1st Place: Bridge Busters Trevor Krug, Cole Moody. 2nd Place: Diaper Dilemma Kieara Faiferlick, Aubri Mossman. 3rd Place: Catapults Bryon Sells, Tanner Hatch. 7th Grade Biological Science: 1st Place: Change in Apple DNA Dobson Douglas, Brandon Hill. 2nd Place: Does Music Affect Your Game? Jesse Larison, Alex Barz. 3rd Place: To Eat or Not to Eat Abby Ollendieck, Morgan Phillips. 7th Grade Physical Science: 1st Place: Which Nut Contains the Most Energy Caleb Larison, Ryder Albertsen. 2nd Place: What Juice Is a Better Conductor Amanda Trimble, Justin Rottinghaus. 3rd Place: Bubble Gum Blowout Hailee Acuff . 8th Grade Biological Science: 1st Place: Better Breathing Katy Wallin, Kylie Wrobel. 2nd Place: Fat or That Sarah Ternus, Rachel Vaughn. 3rd Place: Does Size of Font Affect Ability to Memorize Emily Kuhn. 8th Grade Physical Science: 1st Place: Lighten Up Jess Jacobson, Nicole Krafka. 2nd Place: Craving for Cookies Kuennen Murphy, Rachel Hicks. 3rd Place: How What We Drink Affects Our PH Tairk Goken, Jon Roettger .

Article Photos

6th Grade Physical Science Winners:
Row 1: Cole Moody, Trevor Krug. Row 2: Aubri Mossman, Kieara Faiferlick, Tanner Hatch, Bryon Sells.



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