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Tama County Supervisors

April 1, 2010
Dysart Reporter


Joyce Wiese


Tama County Supervisors received a request from Dr. Dennis Mallory, Tama County Medical Examiner to appoint Dr. Michael J. McCune, MD from Marshalltown as Tama County Deputy Medical Examiner. Mallory stated James Henderson, Polly Hineman and Ron Terrill have all participated in this position. Mallory stated it is important to have a deputy and that Iowa Code provides for surrounding counties to assist in an emergency but it is preferred to have a credentialed physician as back up for Medical Examiner investigators.

Maintenance Supervisor Dirk Henle told supervisors he had received a bid from Hrabak Lumber Company for the roof on the County Home. This came to $21,766.88 with $13166.88 going for materials. Hrabak noted that materials would most likely increase by around fifteen percent the first of July or around that time.

Zoning Commissioner Bill Christensen received approval for him to attend a Zoning meeting which would require him to be gone for three days. The schooling would also served as certification for Christensen. The cost would be $125.00 for the three days.

Tami Wise with Central Point of Coordination office told supervisors she had a contract with Fort Dodge for Community and Family Resources contract. Wise noted the contract formerly held with Ellsworth is no longer valid as Ellsworth has closed.

The third and final reading of the Huffing Ordinance passed without any comments. This will become effective in a specified length of time.

County Engineer Lyle Brehm stated they had been out blading snow from the paved roads on Sunday. They also continue to haul gravel.

Several Tama County residents in Grant Township were present again requesting that Highway D65 be resurfaced before any other projects. Brehm told them he would turn in his five year road plan by April 15th and then Supervisors would approve or disapprove of the plan. Brehm has several miles for Highway D65 to be done this year. However, the group present want the whole section done. Brehm noted all roads are needing work but there is not money to do all the work.

Mr. Greiner, spokesperson for the group, stated it might be beneficial to go to a five man supervisory board. He stated he would look into the steps necessary for such action. Suppervisors felt this would just be an added expense and five supervisors would not get any more road work done than the three, but going to five would certainly affect the budget with two more wage earners added.

Supervisors are discussing the Employee Handbook which will have several changes in it. Susan Jones will re-issue a corrected copy for again considering any further changes. When the handbook is meeting all requirements it will be approved and given to all employees.

Claims paid last week came to $91,852.84.



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