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“Pay it Forward” Pays off for Families

December 30, 2009
Dysart Reporter

By Tracey Peters

Andrew Dinsdale, a student studying psychology at Iowa State University, didn't spend his Thanksgiving holiday vacation just relaxing and kicking back like most students but doing so much more, he donated one of his kidneys.

Tom Dinsdale, 72 of Reinbeck and along-time employee at Sunrise Hill car center, is Andrew's father. Five years ago, Tom was diagnosed with kidney disease and to make things worse his kidneys were damaged even more last summer when he suffered a heart attack after being involved in a propane burn accident. It was not the heart attack that made his kidneys worse, it was the dye that was used during his angiogram that caused his already damaged kidneys to fail and shut down. Andrew had talked to his dad about donating a kidney to him. Tom not thinking that was a good, set that idea aside.

After being tested anyway to see if he was a match, Andrew found out he wasn't. Thankfully there is a program known as "pay it forward" that consisted of a 10 person chain that started in Rochester, Minnesota and went as far as Scottsdale, Arizona. "Pay it Forward" is a program that let's people who want to donate, whether it be to a family member or a friend without having to be a match. It is what you could call, "one good deed deserves another." Though Andrew was not a match, it was a good chance that he would be a match for someone, somewhere. So while Andrew couldn't donate to his father, he could donate to someone else which in turn lead someone else that did match and donate to his father. On Thanksgiving Day, Andrew was release after donating to a stranger and soon after Tom, his father was also released after receiving a donated kidney from a stranger. 4,500 of the 82,000 people that were on the national kidney waiting list died last year waiting for a kidney. With this program there is hope that, that number will go down in the years to come. People like Andrew truly make a difference.



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