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Tama County Board of Supervisors

December 30, 2009
Dysart Reporter

By Joyce Wiese

Tama County Board of Supervisors met Tuesday morning, Larry Vest, Kendall Jordan and Dan Wilkens all present. The first reading of the Wind Energy Conversion Assessment Ordinance was approved. The purpose of the ordinance is to provide for the special valuation of wind energy conversion property. This covers the authority to establish a special valuation , the establishment of the valuation, etc. The second reading is scheduled for January 5th, 10:00 a.m. in the supervisors room. The Planning and Zoning committee will have a hearing on January 4, 2010. 10:00 the County Supervisors room. This will be for an ordinance for Wind Energy Conversion Systems, both commercial and non commercial. Information on height, area, etc. will be discussed. John Keenan has been reappointed to the County Conservation Board. His term starts January 1, 2010.

Lyle Holtz, taxpayer from east of Tama, was present requesting something being done along his property to keep water from collecting in the ditch. Holtz stated they had replaced a culvert and now have problems continually when there is a two or three inch rain. Holtz claims they are rerouting the water and causing problems. County Engineer Lyle Brehm stated they had cut off part of the culvert replaced since it extended out about eight feet. Brehm claims a tile which they have not located is the base of the problem. Brehm says he will look into the problem and see what can be done. For some of the work requested it would require permission from the land owner to complete. Brehm says their department has been working and he feels all equipment is ready for the storm forecast. Brehm wanted to remind everyone there is a lot of snow and high winds the department will not go out on rock roads until the drifting is under control. If there is an emergency they will do their best to answer. The annual road clearing meeting says the fall spraying has been very effective. They don't want to spray the shoulders on the Toledo Tractor Road (300th Street) and E43. They plan to test the necessity of spraying these shoulders. They will continue to spray dirt roads. Brehm says they will purchase a new deck cutting brush for a mower. Brehm would like to budget for the purchase of a new tractor and mower. Wages currently paid for part-time employees is $8.00 per hour in their first year of working, $9.00 for the second, $10.00 for the third. Brehm recommends increasing the rate to $10.00, $11.00 $12.00 for the coming year. Also a reminder "Do Not Spray signs need to be placed by May 1st. Claims paid for the past week were $72,190.47.



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