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September 16, 2009
Dysart Reporter

Dear Editor

September is honeybee month! Bees give us delicious honey. People might think honey is all they contribute to our lives. However, honeybees are very important to everyone, Honeybees are pollinators and they enable plants to produce fruits and nuts by carrying pollen from one plant to another.

There has be much concern all across the United States that honey bees are flying away from their hives and dying. Empty hives are causing a lot of worry about the pollination of some important foods. Reseachers have some ideas about what may be affecting their health. They could be dying from tiny insects called mites. They could become sick from poisons widely used to kill insects or maybe from a virus or bacteria. They could also not be getting enough food to stay strong.

Across the U.S. millions and millions of bees are kept by human beekeepers. Honeybees are raised for food crops as well as honey. Farmers rely on bees, Fields are being pollinated by bees every year. A concept that I was told was, You could eat plain oatmeal every day and get by (oats are pollinated by the wind) but, if you wanted to add blueberries, strawberries or nuts to your daily oatmeal, you would need bees to contribute their pollinating skills. Bees are worth protecting because of the benefit to our diets as well as for beautiful flowers and scenery.


Margaret Babinat\



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