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2009 Dysart Swim Team Year End Results

August 12, 2009
Dysart Reporter

The focus this season was on technique and making the swimmers aware of their times in each event. Life Time Bests (LTBs) were monitored and swimmers received a blue or white bead to be put on a ring each time they achieved an LTB. Throughout the season, the team dropped 2660 seconds, resulting in 815 LTBs.

The Dysart Swim Team Board, the parents, and the swimmers did a great job with setting up for meets, volunteering, committing to practices, and making changes throughout the season. Kent King, Kurt Alpers, and Joe Tecklenburg drove the buses to the meets. It was a very successful swim season.

The Dysart Swim Team traveled to Waverly on July 11th for the Conference Swim-Offs. The team results are as follows: 1st Waverly (640.50), 2nd Dysart (558), 3rd Independence (393), 4th La Porte City (287.50), 5th Parkersburg (285), 6th Oelwein (209), 7th Dike (180)

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2009 Dysart Swim Team Members: Emma Alpers, Koby Alpers, Shawn Anders, Geneva Basye, Dallas Blackburn, Allie Carty, Megan Carty, Ben Dvorak, Brittany Ecklund, Chelsea Ecklund, Torri Flickinger, Bradley Foss, Emily Freeland, Katie Freeland, Sarah Freeland, Anna Garwood, Noah Garwood, Jace Glenn, Samantha Glenn, Shelby Graveman, Lauren Harrigan, Morgan Harrigan, Brianna Harvey, Brooklyn Harvey, Courtney Heckt, Kaitlyn Helgeson, Carter Hennessy, Jadin Hennings, Karson Hennings, Kassie Hennings, Bobbie Hilmer, Raini Hilmer, Tate Hookham, Carlie Hoppe, Jennifer Jacobson, Jessica Jacobson, Savannah Jensen, Mason Kelling, Katie King, Kersten King, Amy Krafka, Nicole Krafka, Lauren Krupa, Lydia Lorenzen, Donny Lyons, Kendall Lyons, Allison McLaren, Carlie McNeal, Cole McNeal, Cylie McNeal, Cole Moody, Elizabeth Moore, Kaitlin Moore, Cole Pearson, Camden Pippert, Cloey Pippert, Cole Pippert, Wyatt Schirm, Hallie Spore, Casey Tecklenburg, Natalie Tecklenburg, Josh Ternus, Travis Waller, Joel Wauters, Isabelle Werner, Miranda Wieben, Sam Wieben, Elizabeth Wilson, Zach Winkelpleck, and Jacob Zeien.

Dysart Swim Team Results:

Girls 8 & Under :100m Medley Relay: Emma Alpers, Allie Carty, Megan Carty, Natalie Tecklenburg 1st Place. 100 Individual Medley: Emma Alpers 4th Place.

25m Free: Megan Carty 1st Place

25m Breast: Allie Carty 3rd Place

25 Butterfly: Megan Carty 2nd Place

50m Free: Natalie Tecklenburg 3rd Place

25m Back: Emma Alpers 1st Place

100m Free Relay: Natalie Tecklenburg, Cylie McNeal, Allie Carty, Megan Carty 1st Place


200m Medley Relay: Morgan Harrigan, Anna Garwood, Bobbie Hilmer, Geneva Basye 4th Place

100m Individual Medley: Bobbie Hilmer 5th Place

50m Free: Geneva Basye 5th Place

50m Breast: Anna Garwood 1st Place

50m Butterfly: Bobbie Hilmer 5th Place

100m Free: Anna Garwood 2nd Place

50m Back: Morgan Harrigan 4th Place

200m Free Relay: Geneva Basye, Bobbie Hilmer, Morgan Harrigan, Anna Garwood 4th Place


200m Medley Relay: Lauren Krupa, Kaitlin Moore, Katie Freeland, Cloey Pippert 2nd Place

100m Individual Medley: Katie Freeland 3rd Place

50m Free: Lauren Krupa 2nd Place

50m Breast: Kaitlin Moore 2nd Place

50m Butterfly: Katie Freeland 4th Place

100m Free: Cloey Pippert 2nd Place

50m Back: Lauren Krupa 2nd Place

200m Free Relay: Cloey Pippert, Katie Freeland, Kaitlin Moore, Lauren Krupa 2nd Place

Look for more swimming results in nexts week's paper



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