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Union Middle School Supply List

August 5, 2009
Dysart Reporter

6th grade: Colored pencils; 5 dozen #2 pencils; 2 glue sticks; black, blue and red ink pens; 2 boxes of Kleenex and 1 Clorox wipes (take to PAL); scissors; ruler with centimeters and inches; backpack or bag that fits locker (no rollers); flash drive (optional); 2-100 ct. pkgs. loose leaf paper; 1 pkg. 100 3x5 note cards.

Computer class-3 ring binder and 11 x 14 frame (more information at registration/orientation)

Science-Green folder and green book cover, college rule spiral paper

Social Studies-Purple folder and purple book cover, college rule spiral paper

Language-yellow folder, 2 yellow spiral college rule notebooks and 2 clear plastic report covers

Literature-Red pocket folder and red spiral notebook

Math-Blue folder, blue book cover, blue spiral notebook, calculator (Casio fx300W or TI30xIIS or TI-15)

7th grade: Scissors; glue stick; 2 boxes Kleenex (take to PAL); Clorox wipes (take to PAL); #2 pencils (always have 2-3 pencils at school); red, black, and blue pens (no gel pens); loose leaf paper; note cards, 100 ct. 3x5; highlighter and large markers (pkg. of 8); colored pencils; protractor; extra long book covers; calculator (2-line display preferred, TI30xII or Casio fx300W. Mrs. Schmidt's class-4 function.)

Language-two 3-prong pocket folders with loose leaf paper

Computer-3 ring binder (can use last year's); flash drive (optional)

Social Studies-3-ring binder with five dividers and loose leaf paper

Literature-3 prong folder and paper

8th grade: 2 boxes of Kleenex and 1 Clorox wipes (take to PAL); spiral notebooks or loose leaf paper; #2 pencils; colored pencils; black, blue and red pens; 2 pkg. of 100 ct. 3x5 note cards; 2 glue sticks (take to PAL); felt tip markers and highlighter; 4 large paper sacks or book covers; binder or accordian style folder system to keep work organized.

Computer-3 ring binder and last year's computer notes

Family Consumer Science-pins and scissors

Social Studies-folder; (Eikamp) 3 prong pocket folder

Language-1 inch, 3-ring binder and 3 prong pocket folders

Math-scientific calculator (TI30XIIS or TI-30x Mutliview)

Careers-1 inch, 3-ring binder

Art-1 kitchen-size garbage bag

Literature-folder and loose leaf paper

Recommended if you have a home computer-USB drive, 512MB (under $20)



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