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Tama County Board of Supervisors

July 15, 2009
Dysart Reporter



Joyce Wiese

The Tama County Board of Supervisors met Tuesday morning with appropriations for the fiscal year 2010 the main part of business. $17,031,815 was the total amount appropriated with the largest amount goind to the Sheriff's department in the amount of $2,023,916, County Engineer for $6,984,004 and Mental Health in the amount of $2,041,447. Fourth in amount was the County Health department in the amount of $1,066,178. Funds were transferred from the General Fund to the secondary road fund in the amount of $130,824 and from the rural fund to the Secondary Road fund in the amount of $1,612,843. for a total of $1,743,667. A liquor license renewal application for John Ernest Vineyard and Winery was approved pending dram shop certification. The winery normally serves only wine, but will be able to serve beer on special occasions such as weddings etc. The contract with Peoplerides will be the same for 2010 as it was for 2009. Marty Wymore states there will likely be some rural medical transit service reductions, and if so, it will be necessary to propose some changes. However, for the present time the same contract will continue. The County Auditor's quarterly report shos income of $466.25 for maps and plat books and $173.30 for Miscellaneous items. County Engineer Lyle Brehm says there is two bridges west of V18 on Q Avenue and 400th Street that will need work. Discussion on the signage for Highway 30 and transfer of jurisdiction of a portion of Highway 30 will allow Tama County, the City of Toledo and the City of Tama to share the $2100 estimate for a sign announcing old Highway 30 exit to be the Business District through Tama-Toledo. Cost for each of the three will be approximately $700. Claims for the past week were $159,672.24.



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