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March 5, 2009
Dysart Reporter

Opportunityor Opportunity Missed?

Our community has the opportunity to make Dreamfield Village a dream come true, but only if we can raise approximately $400,000 in the next few months. In the early months of the capital campaign, over $600,000 in pledges has been raised for Dysart's proposed senior housing community. This is a great accomplishment, and one we can certainly be proud of.

Unfortunately, it's not enough. The goal of $1 million in community pledges needs to be met by the end of June to meet the conditions of the USDA direct loan that is essential to the project. For this goal to be met, we need your help and participation now. Having come so far, it would be an opportunity missed if we do not rise to this challenge.

Shared Responsibility

We all have a stake in this project. Dreamfield Village may make a difference for you or for someone you care about. In addition, if you have enjoyed the Dysart Park, Norma Anders Public Library, Dysart Community Building, Dysart Historical Museum, Bike Trail, Family Aquatic Center, or our local churches and schools, then you have benefited from the hard work and contribution of those who came before you. Now it's time to make sure all generations who have worked so hard are able to remain in Dysart in a facility uniquely suited to them and those yet to come.

Consider the story of a local woman who had to move away from Dysart to find the housing she needed. A friend from Dysart visited her, and commented on how nice it was that she had friends to dine with in the communal dining area. "These are not my friends," the former Dysart resident said softly. "These are just the people I eat with." She had been forced to leave her lifelong friends behind when she left Dysart.

Critical Time

The capital drive committee truly appreciates those who have made their three-year pledges. However, if your response was-Contact me when it gets closerI'll pledge this year, but check with me again for next yearI'm not ready yetNow is the time to act. If we try to put this off, it will be an opportunity missed for our community. It's essential to have the $1 million committed by our community by the end of June in order to meet the conditions of the direct USDA loan.

New Opportunities to Participate

In order to encourage new and extended pledges, the committee is offering these new opportunities to participate in this project: Any pledge of $20,000 entitles the donor to sponsor a home (apartment). The donor's name will appear above the door of the home. The donor will have until 2011 to meet this obligation. Those who have already pledged are encouraged to increase their pledge by adding a fourth year to their contribution schedule.

These new opportunities are in addition to previously established pledge incentives. For more information, contact City Clerk Roxanne Schneider at City Hall, 319-476-5690, or Dysart Community Betterment Committee, PO Box 571, Dysart, IA 52224. Remember, any contribution is tax deductible check with your tax consultant.

Be a Part of the Dream

Dysart is a community that has it allalmost. We have opportunities for our children, young people, and families. We have an exciting business community and opportunities to participate in and enjoy the arts. We have sports and health facilities. Our schools and churches meet our educational and spiritual needs. The only thing missing is housing appropriate for our senior population. It has been said that you can judge the quality of a society by how it cares for its elderly. We can show we care by making sure this facility becomes a dream come true.

Submitted By, Dysart Dreamfield Village Campaign committee



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