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What if...

January 28, 2009
State Rep. Lance Horbach

Businesses closing, financial shortfall, high unemployment, etcIs there any thing positive? Yes! We have an abundance of "HOPE". It was the foundation for a presidential election and now "HOPE" is the motivation for American's during this financial recession. Is "HOPE" a bad thing? Absolutely not, "Hope" can lead to courage and inspire a soldier to fight when fear abounds. "HOPE" can lead to inspiration and push a discouraged student to study hard or complete school when frustration would suggest quitting. "HOPE" can lead to strength, encouraging a single mother not to give up on a delinquent child. These examples of HOPE, and I have many more, all show how HOPE can be an inspirational emotion.

I wanted to clarify one thing about HOPE that I do not want you to over look. HOPE is ONLY a tool. Read the positive examples I listed above again and notice that HOPE is present, but without the action of the people.HOPE would be just an empty thought.

I'm basing my HOPE on the people of Iowa and America. There are many things associated with the Great State of Iowa and the United States that make me proud; but the effort of its people during adverse times has to rank the highest. There is nothing an Iowan or an American cannot do.but during these trying times, there are many things that Iowan's and American's MUST DO. I think it is appropriate for all of us to pick up the tool of HOPE, convert it into action, dig America out of this hole and place it back on top of the mountain!



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