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The Braley Brief: Sticking up for our Seniors

May 30, 2014 Iowa has a larger proportion of seniors than nearly any other state in the nation—and for generations they’ve been improving our state in ways big and small. more »»

Slices of Life - Half-empty nesters

May 30, 2014 Fledgling birds know instinctively when it is time to leave the nest. Thing is, for them there is no going back. Bird nests are high up in trees, making it impossible for baby birds to hop back up. more »»

Q&A on Memorial Day

May 30, 2014 Q: How long has the U.. more »»

Legislature Approves Incentives to Attract Skilled Veterans

May 30, 2014 Over the next five years, the U.S. Armed Services will downsize our military forces by 350,000. These Americans have skills that make them valuable to Iowa businesses and communitie. more »»

Ignorance and the Rise of Fascism

May 23, 2014 Tolerance of differing views and opinions is the foundation of a free society. more »»

Slices of Life - Car talk

May 23, 2014 As drivers, we all possess certain pieces of equipment related to the operation of our vehicles. A license is a good start. Keys are a necessary second. more »»

Q&A on Foster Awareness Month

May 23, 2014 Q: What should Iowans know about foster care? A: Some of the most vulnerable children in our communities have no permanent place to call home. more »»

Q&A on Foster Awareness Month

May 16, 2014 Q: What should Iowans know about foster care? A: Some of the most vulnerable children in our communities have no permanent place to call home. more »»

Letter to the Editor: Foster Care Month

May 16, 2014 To the Editor, May is National Foster Care Month, a time to raise awareness about teens and children in foster care and to celebrate the foster families and workers who make a difference in their... more »»

Slices of Life - Old love, new love, and an ode to love

May 16, 2014 My husband and I have been married for twenty-something years. I thought I knew the exact number by heart; however, during a recent conversation, he corrected my math. more »»

Social Security Debt Collection

May 16, 2014 If the federal government overpaid someone in your family more than 30 years ago, should you be held responsible for the debt? And should the government have an indefinite amount of time to try to... more »»

Apprenticeships & Job Training Expand Middle Class

May 9, 2014 The 21st century economy needs workers with postsecondary credentials and the ability to adapt to changing business needs. more »»

Slices of Life - Living room hockey

May 9, 2014 For more years than I’d like to admit, there have been two mainstays inhabiting my living room floor: mini-hockey sticks and nets. (Dust bunnies are a third, but they don’t go with my them. more »»

Whistleblowers pump up transparency

May 9, 2014 No matter how good the laws are written or how well-intentioned public policies are prescribed, Uncle Sam’s coffers have long been viewed as open season for bad operators who look to line their own... more »»

Q&A on Cow Gas

May 9, 2014 Q: What do dairy cows, Uncle Sam and methane emissions have in common? A: It sounds like a bad joke in the works. But when the federal government is involved, it’s typically not a laughing matter. more »»

Letter to the Editor: Custom Creations

May 2, 2014 Dear Editor: When we started building our home over eight years ago, we patronized as many local businesses as possible. One of those businesses was Custom Creations by Sheri. more »»

Slices of Life - Pet talk

May 2, 2014 Yesterday, I accidently stepped on the cat’s tail, and she let me know I’d committed an error of a horrendous nature. I apologized profusely, of course, but she wasn’t in the mood to forgive. more »»

Letter to the Editor: Aging in Iowa

April 25, 2014 Dear Editor: Iowa’s Area Agencies on Aging are an excellent resource for helping individuals live well as they age in their communities. more »»

Slices of Life - The biggest losers

April 25, 2014 I live in a family of losers, and admit somewhat reluctantly that I am one of the chief contributors to our misplacement. more »»

Protecting the Wages of Iowa Workers

April 25, 2014 As companies work to modernize their operations, many turn to outside services to handle their payroll and human resources functions. Some employers now pay their employees using payroll debit card. more »»



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